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Reindeer Arm Wrestling

Dec 11, 2006

You ain't got a nub on your forehead if you can't win Reindeer Arm Wrestling .

Check out this fast little flash game and see if you have what it takes to take on one of Santa's reindeer in arm wrestling. This is a game provided by OfficeMax and they have a couple dozen more like it that you can scroll through at the bottom of the site.

Basically, you use your spacebar to fight off the muscle bound reindeer, and if you hit it at the right time you will get a power boost and might win.

Drinking the eggnog is a choice that each of us must make on our own. I can not guide you my students in this choice. I only point out that the carton has the image of holly berries on it, the holiday symbol equivalency of the skull and cross bones.

This fun little holiday site is brought to you on behalf of our sponsor OfficeMax.

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