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Young Professional Social Networking Site-Free Service For a Year with our Coupon

Dec 1, 2006

As its Friday and the day is almost done on the East Coast and will rapidly be winding up around the rest of the US, I wanted to offer my readers a thank you gift for the week.

Urban Prestige has a fantastic social networking site with some great conversations popping up from their blogs and their community.  They feature young professional members interested in Professional Development personal growth, social networking and online dating.

They have kindly provided a coupon which you can use to sign up for a free year of service!

The coupon code is AS101.

They have a great interface and also some great reading so as I mentioned don't forget to check out their blogs.  The site also features Dr. Tara Palmatier, the resident relationship consultant and a trained psychologist that specializes in online internet dating.  So if you are looking for a little professional advice or guidance, there is definitely more than meets the eye at the site!


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