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Is it too cold for a Solstice this Winter?

Dec 8, 2006

I currently do not own a car.  My wife owns a minivan and I have a motor cycle.  I've been missing my car a bit especially as the temperature keeps dropping (28 degrees Fahrenheit and going down).  That's pretty cold weather for driving a motorcycle.

A few years back I had stopped riding a bike and bought a convertible.  That worked out great for a long time, but I ended up trading my sebring convertible in on a little fuel efficient Mazda.Image of black convertible Pontiac Solstice

That was before the Solstice came.  I really dig the look of these cars.  They are made by Pontiac, which doesn't have the reputation of a Honda Civic or Volvo V70 , but I've owned a few Pontiacs and always had very good experiences.

This sporty little car was created to compete with the ever popular Mazda Miata and They look pretty fun to me.

Now I found the car above on a great site that lists Used Cars For Sale called  Lemon Free has a great user interface for surfing for cars and unlike many online places they cover Canada and the US.  You can search according to a country or you can zoom into a particular area in your Province, State or Region.

You can list your own car for sale or look to buy one.  Did I mention that the listing was free????!!!  Car reviews are available right from the site along with some great information about the cars capability.

So now I guess I need to figure out if this Solstice will be right for me this Winter.  Fortunately, its just a few miles down the road and available for me to take it for a spin.  I hope they have some hot tea or cocoa, I'll be pretty cold after riding my bike there!

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