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One Man's Carp is Another Man's Carp Soup

Dec 20, 2006

Monty Python may have made the Brits famous for their love / hate relationship with spam, but new immigrants to the island are awaking a new love of carp, but this love solely focused on eating the fish.

Many Brits no longer eat carp, seeing the bottom eating fish as inedible.  This is a cultural shift that has taken place over many hundreds of years and probably has a lot to do with better access to wealth and other food sources.  That doesn't mean they do not love their carp.  In fact many Brits do love the fish, and more precisely they love to angle for the fish, catch it and release it.

Recent immigrants from Poland however have different traditions and tastes.  They do eat carp and see it as a center piece dish for the holidays, such as fish head soup.

The problem is that many a British fish monger has stopped touting carp.  So people have taken to the lakes and ponds of the British aisles fishing, even hunting for carp to stew up for the holidays.  According to the WSJ, they even are going after these fish in wet suits aiming spear guns at the 50lb fish.

This has local sporting fishermen flopping mad as fish that have survived many an angling battle are now getting scooped up in nets and sported into a big boiling pot.

Its a problem of culture clash and not one to be settled quickly.  Who will win out?  Conservationists?  Sporting Fishermen?  Hungry Immigrants?  or maybe even the Fish?

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