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RockStartUp Launches

Dec 3, 2006

I have been watching the first couple of episodes of RockStartUp the reality series debuting about the startup of 

This is a new website and a web documentary. It is an excellent example of the right way to launch a company and do the 2006 full court press for publicity and if for no other reason than that its a great reason to watch.  If your serious about learning about Web 2.0 Marketing this is a trend that you have to check in on and follow soon.

I'm not including any of the videos or pictures this time, you can definitely check that out at the website.

The first couple episodes basically feel like filler background for me as I have been watching the start up of this company since July.  The video episodes are filling in the gaps for me, but would probably be a good place to start to get a senses of how PayPerPost first launched with venture capital - The actual launch of the company occurred several months earlier.

This takes the team of Ted and Brit through Ad Tech in the Big Apple highlighting their Gorilla advertising campaign that got them highlighted on the Today Show a couple months back.

Personally, I am more interested in seeing the behind the scene work that they are doing to build the company and make it hum behind the scenes.  I have been to a lot of trade shows and worked it from several different sides, I want to see how they are building this company into a Web 2.0 Marketing kingpin.

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