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Going for a Big Gun

Dec 14, 2006

OK, so I think I'm going into day 9 of Exodus3000.

As I started off the day, I can see that I haven't been attacked over night again, so my defenses are holding up nicely.

Today my goal is to get a big gun!  So that means I have to go earn some martian dollars, enough to buy a big gun.  I need to reclaim the settlement that I lost in a fight.

The more settlements you have the more you earn when you are out and about.

So I cruised through the game, my son even played about 80 rounds or so for me, so I only spent about 4 minutes.

My son liked the game, so I'll probably let him sign up and play with his own character soon too.

 I did earn enough to buy a weapons upgrade so that's good, now I just need to get a settlement again!

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