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Long Tail Benefit of Web 2.0 Marketing Meeting

Dec 18, 2006

Its been just over nine years now since I first started wrote about the emergence of TiVo as a medium that would change the world of marketing and advertising.

On a personal note today I had an interesting dialogue with a gentleman at a company that has been a partner of mine in one form or fashion for almost three years now.  The conversation was the benefits of using the services of Web 2.0 Marketing firms.

One of those firms provided a very useful release about the best way to increase link popularity for a website, service or product.

Its a relative and timely release as it covers the tangible benefits of this type of marketing.  They build links, improve page rank but do so in a way that builds the links around highly dense articles that are on topic and point about the relative links and sites included.

Many sites and forums can bring a company together with a website that will sell a hyperlink on their home page for $10 per month even $100 or a $1,000 for top sites.  Just putting a hyperlink on a page brings significantly less benefit than building that link up contextually.

All of these benefits are also separate from the benefit of generating marketing buzz, focusing more attention from other bloggers that frequent blogs and might network the article or post around the blogosphere.  Sometimes a single article becomes the seed that grows and spreads across the internet.

A single seed my eventually create a field, but advertisers that plant a crop of seeds are much more likely to reap a harvest not only in the power of the page rank improvements for particular keywords but also for for the extra development of buzz generation created by bringing a good idea to the surface and allowing it a little positive attention.  This is the leverage benefit of Web 2.0 marketing a service that brings together some of the best aspects of print marketing and combines it in technology.  Both components are worth the some of their parts and together their synergy makes their value worth more than their parts alone.

Plus, the very real benefit comes from the long tail value of an advertising campaign that can live on line perpetually.  The original radio and TV broadcasts are still traveling through space away from the planet Earth.  Some of those advertisements were paid for almost a century ago and they are not generating much useful buzz today because they are off planet.  However, some of the ad campaigns online have the potential to build a foundational marketing campaign that could grow and stretch out over not just a month but a year or possibly even several decades.  This is just an aspect of the Web 2.0 Marketing Strategy that can be exercised by Companies today if they know where to turn for help, management and campaign strategy.

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