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Social Bargain Hunting

Dec 8, 2006

So what happens when you combine the power of social communities on the web with Web 2.0 technologies and jam pack it into an online store.  You get a Social Bargain Hunting online shopping experience, where you and other shoppers get to rate the products you are looking at in real time.

It would be something kind of like Digg that lets users become the online editors that pick and choose which news stories go to the front page, this site,    dealigg lets shoppers vote and those votes determine which products go to the front page.

They even have an interesting section where the top freebies as voted on by visitors goes to a freebie front page (think freebies after rebate type of deals with cell phones and software, flash software and a great deal on a Vtech VOIP phone for -$40.01.  Sorry getting distracted, just thought that was kind of a neat idea.

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