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Lighting up the Blogs - Tenacious D on Maxim

Dec 7, 2006

I just read a great interview on Maxim Online about the new Tenacious D movie (new as if there was one before).  Actually its 'the' Tenacious D movie.

There was actually a segment of the interview that spoke to the sequel yet to come . . ..

What does the future hold for the D?
KG: We’re looking forward to a really bad sequel. You’re always going to say, “Not as good as the first one.”
JB: You’re really gonna say that.
KG: We’re not even gonna try.
JB: I liked your idea of the triple trilogy: It’s a nine-parter.
KG: The old Star Wars. George Lucas said he knew the full story. He’s so full of shit. “This is Part VI. This is Part IX.”
JB: He may have had an outline.
KG: We’ll give you one sneak peak into the sequel: Jar Jar Binks will be involved.
JB: What are the chances that George would let Jar Jar join the D? [In Jar Jar voice] “Exqueeze me!”
KG: That ought to light up the blogs.

That's actually the end of the article.  I figure since most people only read the first 80% now if you go there and read the first 80% and bail, you have actually been suckered into reading the entire 100%. Fortunately, for you the interview builds throughout and I just helped you get the best part at the end of this Jack Black interview!

I haven't seen the movie yet but with so much beef cake in the pictures, I may have to wait for the DVD.  Truth be told, I always wait for the DVD these days.

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