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Lawyers selling Alcohol Bongs

Dec 9, 2006

A North Carolina lawyer was recently featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.  The article was significant not because the lawyer was arguing before the supreme court, or kicking off a class action lawsuit nor even because they had done something legally amazing.  The article was significant as it talked about the Lawyer selling Alohol Bongs or in politically correct some might say lawyerly marketing terms an Alcohol Vaporizer.

That's just what the world needed is an advance in alcoholic intake.  Not since the invention of the straw followed soon after by the invention of the frozen margarita had mankind seen such a leap forward in technology that enable us to get drunk out of our gord.

The device is called AWOL an acronym not for Absent With Out Leave but Alcohol With Out Liquid.  Now the Wall Street Journal was not the first to feature this trendsetting product, they were just feeding off of other news reports.  Apparently NBC scooped The WSJ and covered the product on the Today Show.

What's a poor lawyer to do?

So now the lawyers, including a defense attorney are selling these devices out of crates in their offices.  They didn't invent the product, just licensed it in an all to lawyerly way from a British company.  So the next time you are in North Carolina in need of a defense attorney, you might check and see if you can get a hit off of his Beer Bong.

Now I have a Master's in Laws myself, not a JD, but its still a law degree.  So I ventured over to their site and took the first steps to become an AWOL reseller.  I was AWOL a couple times in the military and only one of those times was due to alcohol, the other involved a red head and a crazy pakistani guy that had a coke problem.  I don't miss the military life sometimes . . .

Needless to say I didn't kill the Pakistani guy even though I was tempted.  Since he was in the US Army also, they would have looked down on that type of behavior, but sometimes at night I wonder just how much trouble he has created around the world since I lost the opportunity.  As to the red head, well enough said about that!  :)

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