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Just How Far Can you Get in Life with Bad Sex?

Dec 1, 2006

Everyone dreads the possibility of being linked to bad sex.  Its not something that is discussed very often outside of a few comedy night clubs.  But Just how far do you think you can get in life if you are labeled with Bad Sex?

Some writers in London get to find out after receiving the Bad Sex Award.  The prize was presented by Courtney Love and is actually properly titled the Bad Sex in Fiction Award.  This year the prize went to first time writer Lain Hollingshead.

Lain spoke after receiving the award and said that he hopes he wins every year.  So apparently a little bad sex can at least win you a fiction award, but isn't that kind of obvious?  Who else would need to spin better fiction than the winner of a Bad Sex award?  If anyone needs to learn how to tell a tale, its that guy.

Don't be that Guy!

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