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Where will you be When Your Child is Studying for an Online Education?

Dec 8, 2006

As a father of three with multiple degrees, I worry about my children's education.  Well, I wouldn't really say I worry, I ponder their education.

I ask myself is the educational system in America as strong as it used to be?  I see more and more primary and secondary educational institutions following the strictures of no child left behind and teaching specifically to the test.  My son's school (the best in the state) doesn't push to have their kids write creatively as this is not covered on their tests.

As a blogger and writer and multiple degree holder and a person that wrote a 200 page master's thesis on doing business in Belize, I find that appalling (even if I have to run spell check to figure out how to spell the word appalling.)

We are not ready to home school our children despite the fact that I work from home and my wife is a certified teacher.  Our household is just not set up for that.

My wife and I both hold master's degrees that we earned through to different schools that offered online programs.  We found many pros and cons about online education, but I came away with the idea that at the time it was well suited to master's work.

Bachelor's work would be fine for individuals that are self motivated and somewhat mature, but I do not think that online education is ready for high school let alone grade school.  Someday however, maybe next year or ten years from now, the technology will probably be ready and then we will really be in for some interesting times.

What will you do if your children go to third grade from the privacy of your home without your direct involvement?  School is among other things also a form of daycare. 

Will you be telecommuting yourself in the office of the future, hopping online to commute to your office in SecondLife?

Interesting stuff, and I can't wait to see where it goes.  (I'm actively involved in several research projects to advance this cause, but not at liberty to discuss yet.  I do look forward to bringing some of this material to the light of day soon!)

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