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Getting a little cold for my Bike

Dec 7, 2006

Even though I live in Georgia its getting to that time of year when its a bit cold to ride my motorcycle.  The temperature is getting down in the thirties every night and the daytime temperatures are all over the place from the thirties up to the sixties.

My Motorcycle does not really come with any frills.  Its not a large bike, I've had those before and wanted something simple on purpose.  But these days I have been thinking that it would be kind of nice to have a heater or something on the bike.  Yeah I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to cold temperatures.  It comes from doing to much harm to my body when I was in the military and exposed to the elements in situations where I could not prevent frost bite.

These days I just can not weather the cold, but a built in heater would be a good deal.

Maybe I could trade my bike in for one of those Electric Scooters!  Now, electric scooters are a lot more efficient and still meet my requirements of reducing the amount of energy consumption needed to get from A to B.

Unfortunately, a four wheeled device just won't cut it in the form of Go Karts driving down the road. There are just too many monstrous trucks on the road. :)

What I really need I guess is access to indoor commuting. Next month I will be going to CES and possibly to MacWorld also. Those trade shows are massive and mostly indoors. You can walk miles in doors without getting cold at all, but you are still walking. Maybe what's called for here is a fancy Razor Electric Scooters.

I had a friend last year that took his folding bicycle to Las Vegas so that he could ride in the mountains.  That does sound like fun, but maybe it would be more practical to have some backup power.  No point in getting stranded halfway back from the mountains with no more steam.  What you would really need in a situation like that is one of those Electric Bikes maybe I could even get an engineer at the show to rig it up with solar power for those extra long treks through the desert.

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