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Christmas Decorations are Easy with Blow Up Decorations

Dec 3, 2006

Last week we were traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday and so had a reprieve from putting up Christmas decorations. 

We've had the week to get caught up from our travels so today we started to put up the Christmas decorations.  Of course down here in the Atlanta area that doesn't necessarily mean that you go out in the frigid cold, bundled up wearing gloves and tack lights up around the roofline of the house dodging ice cycles and trying not to get to cold. 

No here I just walk out in my T-shirt and jeans, and start blowing pine needles around.  I've got pine needles coming out the yin yang, because I have pine trees growing right upside the yin yang.  Every 2-3 months I have to go clean up the pine needles.  If I were a practical person, I'd hire someone to take care of my yard, but I'm basically too cheap and grew up a little too poor and hard working to pay someone to do my own yard.

I had the unique notion to avoid raking and blowing the entire yard by clearing off the new deck, where I would then setup the blow Santa, Christmas tree and frosty the snowman.



This worked great, but by the time I had it up, I realized that the needles were too thick on the roof.  That's kind of dangerous and can cause the roof to rot if too much moisture builds up so I hauled out the ladder, climbed up on the roof and blew it off.

Of course this blew all of the needles onto the yard, deck, sidewalk and driveway below so I then had to go down and blow and rake that all off and basically ended up clearing the entire yard and everything anyway.

While I was blowing stuff around outside, my wife set the Christmas tree up inside with the kids.  The kids took turns coming outside to play for a while and heading back in off and on throughout the process.  Basically we got the decorations up yet again this year.




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