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I'll need to Follow the Russian Personals More Closely if I use German Engineering

Dec 1, 2006

If I were to follow the German Engineers into relationship suicide, I might find myself rapidly divorced and seeking a new partner.

As I'm getting a little long in the tooth, I could always turn to the russian personals looking for an email order bride from Russia or the Ukraine where its said that women set goals of getting married from a much earlier age that women from Western countries.

Now I don't put a lot of value in marriage in general, so this isn't really a value proposition for me.  That said its been a bunch of years since I went looking for a date and who knows maybe singles these days find this type of thing more acceptable or maybe as a society we have truly flattened the world and maybe the best way to find romance and a soul mate is to look online and maybe that does open the door to finding that soul mate half a world away.

So far in my short life of 34 years, I've only met one lady from the Ukraine and she was at work at a gentlemen's establishment.  I wonder if they hired her through

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