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Moving, Moving, Keep them doggies moving

Dec 17, 2006

Is it possible that Americans (North, South and Central) may move more than most other people in the world?  Did the explorer genes from the peoples of Asia, Africa and Europe get focused into the descendants that live in the Americas today?

I was reading a release from that made me reflect on this as they offer a number of moving options that make it even easier for us to follow the trails of our predecessors and just pick up and move.  My ancestors never had it this easy, with the ability to put their things in portable storage and have a pod shipped on down the road, or surf the internet to find 'movers' to help them pack, move, unpack, setup etc.

And for those lucky few that could afford storage a few hundred years ago, finding insurance or any service to actually trust with your belongings was probably even more rare.

Where and how will we move our things in another 100 years?

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