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Find Your Own Scottish Princess!

Dec 8, 2006

Its not everyday that you come across a Scottish Princess, and its almost never that you come across a Scottish Princess with a sense of humor.  Its completely unfathomable to find a Scottish Princess with a sense of humor taking a picture with a mammoth in a water fountain!

So you can all just back off and go find your own funny, mammoth modelling,  Scottish Princess.  This may be the internet, but that doesn't mean we have to share!

Just kidding around, I found a great little blog called the Adventures of a Scottish Princess.

Now I will warn you my crazy visitors that there may be at least one picture of a naked snowwoman on this blog that is possibly anatomically correct.  I say possibly because I did not do well in Biology and may have skipped school the day they covered snow woman anatomy.  Regardless this snow woman has some big lips.

Stop by and check out this blog and be prepared for some interesting images

Disclaimer: I am a descendant of the Armstrong clan and have no known affilliation with this Princess nor her regime nore her politics nor her religion nor her anatomically correct snow woman, but I may have an affilliation with the mammoth as I am also descended from cave men that used to hunt woolly mammoths.  GRRRR

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