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Camelcide in Istanbul - Job Well Done

Dec 13, 2006

The airline unions work a little differently in Istanbul.  There union stewards will be busy this week defending airport workers and their boss after a work crew celebrate a job well done.

The problem at issue here is that the workers celebrated their success by committing camelcide.  That's right they sacrificed a camel at the airport.

Turkish news carried pictures of the beast known for millennia as a source of transportation across the deserts, being deserted by man to sacrifice him at the airports, whose airplanes have taken many camel jobs.

The pictures also showed the meat resulting from the camelcide being distributed amongst the workers.

Maybe in another couple hundred years when we all stop flying the friendly skies in airplanes and start teleporting around, we'll see people sacrificing jumbo jets.

Peta was not on hand for the camelcide but unconfirmed sources were almost quoted as saying, "Those rotten bastards!  Its not good enough for them to provide meat during the on flight dinner, now they have to chop it up and serve it on the tarmac!"

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