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FreeLance services - ServLance

Dec 18, 2006

I spent sometime reviewing ServLance today.  They have come a long ways since they originally opened their site and I was eager to witness their progress.

ServLance is a Social website that brings freelance workers together with companies looking for Freelance Services.

Freelancers can list their skills and rates, or they can list service package offerings and prices.

Companies can provide their project requirements.

Then the two groups can come together and meet up much the same way that people network and meet up through a service like MySpace for Comedians or Bands.  This would be the more professional equivalent.

The site has a distinct Web 2.0 look and feel and supports up to 10 different locations with opportunities, projects and professionals from all around the world.

From a Freelancer's perspective they can join for free and list their services.  If they take a job, they will see 10% withheld from the escrow payment.  They can also opt for a Gold or Silver monthly listing at rates of $19.95 and $9.95 respectively with reduced commission withholdings of 6% and 8%.  The paid listings also enable links to their own websites and other perks.

Employers can list projects for free.  ServLance functions as the payment intermediary, accepts and receives an escrow payment for the services, withholds their commission and pays the freelancer the remainder.  For free listings this is a great deal and commission rates range from 6-10%.

Alternatively, Employers can pay a flat job listing advertisement fee of $50 and work directly with any freelancer.  This might make sense if a job were to cost over $500.

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