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Two Days and Two Nights with the Puppy

Dec 19, 2006

We are going on our second night and tomorrow will be our second day with The Puppy.

The dog is cute and all, but usually we find the owners of strays by now.  So tomorrow we are putting up signs in some areas further outside of our immediate neighborhood. 

My wife took the pooch to the vet today where we learned that

  1. Said pooch doesn't have a fancy micro chip to identify its owners
  2. Said pooch is not fixed yet
  3. Forgot to ask if said pooch is already pregnant

My poor wife is starting to get a little manic about the possibility that we might get stuck with said pooch if the owners don't show up.  Not such a bad dog, but she still has her heart set on a Bassador.  We'll see what happens next.

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