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Holiday Surprises at Work

Dec 20, 2006

Many of us come to expect a surprise or two at work during the holidays.  Typically, we hope for a holiday bonus in the form of a check.  So what are you to do if that surprise comes in the form of a new opportunity?  Specifically, what do you do if you are given the responsibility of taking control of a team as the new software project manager?

This is the subject of Bas de Baar's new book Surprise!  Now You're a Software Project Manager.  Bas helps people walk through this quagmire some of us love and hate called project management.

This project management book tackles the issue in a day in the life of sort of way and walks readers through the process easily and readily showing them how to get started in the role in a practical way without having to go out and read their four hundred and fifty-third dummies book on something. Sometimes we all need a little fresh perspective.

I have worked as a project manager for many years and as a project manager mind mapping trainer for the last three years.  Its been a long time since I took on my first project.  For those of you new to role this can be a great place to start.  Sometimes its important to get a taste of things and feel the water before you jump in all the way.  Maybe this will be your first step along the path of becoming a full fledged project manager.

You might just be a natural!

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