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Tinsel Pooh

Dec 27, 2006

I provide a lot of blogging advice to new bloggers on different ways to tackle a topic, how to jazz up their blog, and how to optimize their site.

I typically give more advice than I apply, or in other words I'm a better reviewer than I am an applier.  I try to practice what I preach, but I'm better at investigating and writing.

One of the tips I often give new bloggers is that they should include more pictures to highlight their topic and really bring it home for their readers.

Fortunately, for you my reader, I am not following my own advice, this time.

We have three dogs in the family again and year after year it never fails that one of our dogs will take a fancy to tinsel, the long stringy unattached form of garland that gets draped from the branches of Christmas trees.  Its glittery and made out of a thin stringy type of plastic.

Of course there is a hard and fast rule of biology that Newton would have summed up nicely if he'd continued his experiments with dogs instead of turning towards the heavens to track the progress of the sun to the point that he almost burnt out his eyes.  He might have said, "What goes in, Must Come Out."

That is basically a hard and fast rule with all dogs.  If it goes in, its going to come out and its just the same with tinsel.

Tinsel is kind of your pets way of getting into the Christmas spirit.  They get to eat part of the Christmas tree, which all animals fantasize about throughout the year.  Then they get to decorate their pooh!

Now every animal knows that its just a Grinch of an animal that doesn't show some real Christmas spirit by decorating.  Aside from ripping up wrapping paper, pooh decorating is probably the preferred option for most pets. 

They eat the tinsel or garland of their choice and then make a nice christmas decorative pooh.  Some cats and even dogs will even attempt puky wreaths with tinsel but the tinsel pooh is that necessary item that all pets must have.

This year was no different for our pets, but fortunately the decorations were kept outside!


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