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Belisi Ties One on the Palm Beach Big Shots

Dec 7, 2006

I was reading a rags to riches story today, or possibly more aptly a bar towel to riches story about a bar tender from Palm Beach.

Peter Belisi worked as a bartender in Palm Beach serving Palm Beach big shots.  Overtime he developed a bit of a reputation as he started to accumulate a tie collection paid for with his extra money.  The reputation grew as he never wore the same tie twice.

Eventually he came upon the concept of launching an accessory clothing collection called Belisi Fashions.  Belisi Fashions serviced the the sophisticated providing the service of tie-ing one on just as he had done as a bar tender, however now his clients didn't loosen up as much as they used to and even came out of the experience looking a little more polished with Belisi Fashions than they had when they began. 

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