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On Serving God

Dec 7, 2006

I was in a discussion earlier today where the question was posed, Why should I believe in God?

My answer:

Even if god believes in you, there is no reason why you must or should reciprocate.

You have asked a question that is inherently in conflict.

Why (just the question part)

I (meaning you a sentient being of your own force and control in essence a god)

should(implies constraingin,containing, or directive force, control over yourself a god)

The phrase "believe in god" is just a red herring. The question is already in conflict as you question why you should submit your godlike force. Whether that submission is provided to another person/god or the force of gravity or to an unknown invisible hand created by the Einstein/God to control the cosmos is all a red herring that ultimately can only lead to your enslavement.

Rule thy self to avoid slavery!

or in the ancient philosophy

Do what you will = empowerment of yourself the god


Thy will will be done - I serve you master; I am your slave.

Why would any god create slaves and not openly rule them with direct control? Makes no sense.

Oh and by the way you were created by other gods, that does not require your subservience. But personally I think its a nice thing to be kind to your parents, it doesn't mean you should be their slave either, but you can do whatever you like!

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