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Dental Care Sponsors Release for Charles Brown DDS pc

Dec 28, 2006

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Harry's site has picked up a new sponsored this month, and we are proud to help  Hayfield Dental Care of Alexandria, Virginia get the message and buzz out about their practice and one of their dentists.

Hayfield Dental has provided a release regarding one of their dentists charles brown dds pc, who has served Hayfield Dental Care for over a decade with an excellent record and no complaints.

He has received multiple awards over his tenure and is listed as one of Washington's top dentists by the Washington Area Consumer Council. He is also a member of the ADA.  He has performed thousands of surgical procedures, root canals and crowns and Hayfield Dental Care hopes Washington residents will consider their services in the future.

Hayfield Dental Care serves Alexandria, Virginia.  They have many dentists in their practice.  Most of their team covers many advanced and specialized areas of dental medicine.  This enables Hayfield Dental to provide onsite services to their patients so that outside referrals to other practices are not required.

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