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Exodus 3000 Day 3

Dec 9, 2006

Well its Day 3 of my activity in the game Exodus 3000.

Here are some of my stats at the start of the day today:
Your Exodus 3000 Stats
Mars dollars: 309 MD
Total moves used:748
Settlements joined:13
Scouting missions:73
Successful scouting missions:44
Successful attacks you've performed:43
Mars dollars recieved from your successful attacks:260 MD
Attacks on you:2
Successful attacks on you:1
Settlements you govern: (1 total)
Coordinates292N, 135E
Date Claimed2006-12-05

I ventured out still experimenting and buying up as much as possible to protect my player and increase the amount that I might be able to win.  I still can afford a map or radar, so I just head out in straight lines that I haven't been on before to explore the landscape.  I'm making progress but the early days are rather short.  It takes me about 5 minutes to play a days worth of the game.

Exodus 3000 invite

Here were my results after the Game today (just the items that changed)

Your Exodus 3000 Stats
Mars dollars: 234 MD
Total moves used:997
Settlements joined:24
Scouting missions:90
Successful scouting missions:46
Successful attacks you've performed:45

My purchase allowed me to raise my intelligence levels, weapons and security levels.

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