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Exodus 13 to be or not to be lucky

Dec 19, 2006

Here I go again on day 13 of Exodus3000.  I didn't get attacked last night so that's a good thing.  I'm going to try and play this round as fast as possible as I'm pushed for time. 

I'm hoping to earn at least 1500 MD, which would be 600 more than I have ever earned in a single sitting.  Do not know if that is possible or not, but we will find out real soon.

The Actual Game

So I played, finished the game in about 6 minutes, which was pretty much continuous clicking through on a mostly straight course.

I had a mixed day getting a little more than a half dozen double digit earnings from attacks and mining operations, but I had a lot of very low single digits as well.  So I came up far short of my goal.  Looks like I'll just have to play some more. 


I need to explore what the benefits of joining a settlement are to the person that joins.  It helps the governor, but doesn't seem to help me.  Will explore the forums on this topic a little more soon.

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