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Still Human and susceptible to the Elements

Dec 14, 2006

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There is something that we all need a reminder of from time to time and that is that we are human. We often get caught up in the rush of everyday life, zooming back and forth to work and forget that there is a greater planet and ecosystem all around us. Hurricane Katrina helped to demonstrate to all of us the hard way that we need to take action ourselves to save our own skin sometimes.

For many of us Tornados and thunderstorms are actually a more likely risk on a month to month or yearly basis. In a tornado, the main thing we need is a place to go for emergency shelter. recently provided a press release describing how they have been working for many years to provide some of the best storm shelters made out of steal construction. Their goal is not to provide the lowest price at any cost but to provide the safest product and protection.

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