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Winter Helmets - My Daughters consternation in a look

Dec 9, 2006

It got down to 21 last night here in the Atlanta area.  My kids woke up and wanted to go outside to play, but it was too cold.  Sure they could have gone out anyway, but we didn't want to make a trip to the Dr's Office next week for ear infections.

Around 11 it finally warmed up to about 41 and we needed a break from the kids, so I got the winter hats and gloves out of the space age vacuum pack in the attic, unzipped it and loaded them up in Gear.  Heavy coat, gloves, mittens, an extra sweatshirt with a hood, and a big hat.

So then my daughter goes out the front door and back in the garage door to get her bike.  She puts her helmet on and that's when I heard the moan.  She started moaning and wining and crying and came up the stairs to show me that her helmet didn't fit.

They just don't make helmets for the winter time I guess.  When I was a kid, I was actually a little more protected in the winter time, because I might have a hat on I wouldn't have known what to do with a helmet back then to save my life.

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