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Nobody Attacked Me last night

Dec 18, 2006

That's right I'm talking about Exodus3000 again.  No one attacked me in this daily chess game I'm playing.  So I start today's chess moves with a decent bankroll, maybe my increase in security fended people off, or maybe others are marshalling their forces for an attack.

Either way it pays to stay on top of things and so I am off to the races today.  At some point I need to make a sprint to the end of the month and see how much real money I can earn from the game play, but I'm still learning the ropes.

People often say that 'If I had known that when I started, I could have done it in half the time...'  I'm working on the same principle here.  I suspect that the basic lessons in movement and strategy will help me work more effectively in my next version once I have a better holistic image of the entire potential battle picture.

So today I start with the basics and hopefully will learn something new!

I went through the game today and had a poor earnings run, pulling in less than 400 MD.  It seemed like prices had gone up and earnings dropped today, so maybe that means more people have been active in the game, or its just an off day, or I chose a poor strategy.

I have had other slow days and they were usually followed by very very good days.  We'll see!

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