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How do You handle Wrong Numbers from a Text Message?

Dec 15, 2006

Well for right or for wrong, I chat back and talk to the people like I know them.  Its there nickel I guess.

Here's a chat I received tonight around 11 pm EST , shortly after . . . .


Unknown Texter: Come!

Me: Too late!

Unknown Texter: Say what?

Me:  crashing now

Unknown Texter: (15 minutes later) You coming?

Me:  Where are you at?

Unknown Texter: Living room.

Me: (walking upstairs into the living room) no kidding so am I & I don't see you.  Are you wearing a Scary Movie mask?

5 minutes no response

Me:  Maybe we should take this a little slower, since I'm married and you are invisible!  :)

Unknown Texter: Sorry wrong number.  Tell your wife sorry.

Me:  :) no problem took me a second to figure out if this was a prank.  Have a good evening and thanks for a laugh.  I needed it.  :)

I can't wait to show it to my wife tomorrow.  She was already asleep when it came in.


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