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The While dog Chase - Anyone seen a Bassador?

Dec 17, 2006

Yesterday, my wife and I were supposed to start and finish are Christmas shopping. Instead we embarked on a while dog chase, searching after the elusive, but wildly popular bassador.

My wife grew up with Basset Hounds and had a particular fondness for a Bassador. Over the last few weeks with Christmas approaching she has been coming around to the conclusion that she needs a bassador in her life once again.

She searched several local shelters and heard about a Bassador pup named Marty of the Chocolate Bassador variety. Marty's shelter was scheduled to bring some pooches to the petsmart in Roswell Georgia and so we made plans to get up early and see the pooch in the morning.

We drove about an hour and a half, the dogs were 30 minutes late and Marty was a no show. :( He had been promised to someone else already, but the lady with the pooches mentioned that a different Petsmart about 5 miles down the road might have more dogs. We drove the 5 miles and it turned into 12. We got there and saw some very cute hound dogs, but no bassadors or basset hounds for that matter.

We ended up driving back towards are home. We arrived to our town about 80 minutes later and did most of our Christmas shopping, checked out a local Petsmart, but no luck. So it would appear that our hunt for the Bassador will continue. :)

In the meantime I was searching Wikipedia and realized there was no page for a Bassador so I signed up for an account and set up a Bassador Page.

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