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Writing as a guest writer for The Poker Blog

Dec 13, 2006

This week I started writing as a guest writer for my friend Raj Dash.  Raj manages several sites and blogs, but one of his primary sites is The Poker Blog.

I like to play Texas Hold 'em and a lot of other card games gambling related or not and occasionally have dropped an article on my blog here or on my blog at Maven Mapper's but the articles weren't always the best of fits.

Now I have a more appropriate outlet for my gaming side.  I love writing, but after too much time composing I need to take a break and exercise my analytical and strategic side.

This week I started off writing an intro and then jumping into some basics about Texas Hold 'em with an article titled Card Dealing Terminology: The Burning Cards Flopping in Your Pocket

Feel Free to Stop by some time and check it out if you are interested in Poker.  Raj has some excellent articles there on Poker, Hold 'em and much more!

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