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Exodus3000 Day 10

Dec 15, 2006

OK, its day 10 of Exodus 3000.  As I logged into my account I saw that there had been one successful attack on me overnight and that I had lost about 6 dollars.  Fortunately, I had quit early yesterday with out using any of my anytime moves and had only stopped with about 15 MD in the bank, so I didn't have much to lose!

Now, I'm going out with a higher weapons level to kick some butt!  lol

Its just a game.

But I had several very good finds.  25md and then 48 and then 98 plus all the little 5's and 10's and things.  I had gotten up to 299MD with only 70 moves!

But it was 3:40 am and my wife had gotten up to get a drink of water an texted me a message, saying why are you still up.  Fortunately I didn't get any prank text messages this time.

Of course the answer is, I'm almost done working . . . . (truth be told I had written several dozen articles and just wanted to finish on a lighter note)

I kept going, winning several more 20's and a 40.  I used all my moves for the day and started to tap my anytime moves and then I got 150 dollars!

I had made my earnings goal, and now just wanted an outpost to buy another upgrade, but that took 15 more moves.  Finally got to it, got my upgrade and stopped for the day, after earning 931 MD!  Best day so far on Exodus3000 where you get paid real money to play a strategy game.

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