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Because it Shows that Women Can Do a Man's Job

Nov 14, 2006

A woman posted posted an article on the Memorial Bracelets Blog site that caught my attention. She talked about how she wore a memorial bracelet for Police Officer Moira Smith who died on September 11, 2001. Officer Smith was the only Police Officer from NY that died that day and the poster, a female, wanted to show that a woman could do a man's job.

I served in the military for four years.  I started Basic Training on the day that the ground war started in Iraq in 1991.  The 'War' was over by the time I got out of Basic, but all through Basic Training we were led to believe the war was going horribly and that we would all be sent to perish soon.  For many years this deceit seemed funny to me, but these days its a sad irony, as the war that really was not completely finished is now taking so many soldiers lives.

I wanted to write about this article because I had the good fortune to served, stateside, with an officer that served in combat in Iraq during the first war.  She had testified in front of Congress on her experiences and on the capability of women to perform the job effectively in battle.  I served with some great men and women in the military and I have no doubt that a person's sex or sexuality has little to do with their ability to complete a mission or get the job done.

I'd encourage more people to consider stopping in at  Memorial Bracelets and pause and consider the people that have given their lives for the United States and the Constitution that brings us together.  For those of us here at home, its our job to insure that they have a country worth fighting for and a country to come home to soon.

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