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Well Speak of the devil, Disney World Tickets

Nov 10, 2006

OK, so I just got done posting about trying to convince my relatives to do Thanksgiving in Orlando, and what do I see coming across my mail box?

I get this article offering up discounts on Disney World Tickets  .  Now is that a coincidence or what!

Maybe there's a little magic floating north with the jetstream from the kingdom under the sun afterall?

I guess my next question to answer is whether or not they allow people to smoke in Disney World these days.  I don't smoke myself, but my parents and brother do. (even though my brother younger than me by two and a half years had a heart attack this spring, he's still having trouble quitting.)

I think if they don't allow it, it will be good for the family, but I won't be able to tell them that.  If any of my readers happen to know the answer to this one, please chime in

Do they allow smoking in Disney World?


Which one of the Seven Dwarves was named Smokey?

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I would definitely call that synchronicity. And then I'd be aware of what it means. People pretty much tell me I'm full of it, but then some come back and ask me questions about what something means when a synchronistic event happens, which only they can answer.:)

I have no clue about smoking there. I only know Smokey the Bear.:)

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