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There's Something About an Easy Hickory Smoked Turkey!

Nov 22, 2006

In just a few more minutes it will officially be Thanksgiving Day for my readers here in the Americas!  On Thanksgiving many people will cook a ham or a turkey along with a feast of a number of other items from potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, cranberries, stuffing, and too many other vegetables to name.  And then there are the pies too!

The Turkey production is a big deal and its probably only eclipsed in effort required by a pig roast.  There is an easier way to handle a Turkey at thanksgiving that doesn't require cooking the bird for 5-6 hours or more.  You could order a whole Hickory Smoked Turkey, pre-cooked, just warm and serve!  Now wouldn't that be a great way to enjoy the holiday.

These great turkeys are available from America's #1 Gift Basket Website. They specialize in all types of gift baskets, candies and other goodies, but you shouldn't get too sidetracked by the candy. They also offer precooked Ham's and Turkeys!

You might want to get a gift basket or two sent to friends or family or even to some of your best customers., but don't neglect yourself. After a hard year of toil and labor consider giving yourself the gift of a pre-cooked smoked bird, ready to eat.

Now we're talking holiday good cheer!

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