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Ralphie May I?

Nov 12, 2006

He may not be much to look at nude and draped in an American flag, but if a comedy CD isn't really there to look at now is it?

Regardless, you can take a quick second to win a free CD at the Ralphie May CD give away

so you can count this as the There's Something About Harry's Freebie of the Day post.

No credit cards or anything, just a mailing address and email address gets you an entry. I entered myself to confirm the site works. If I win, I'll hold a random drawing of my own and mail the CD to the randomly selected person from the list of people that comment on this article!

Don't leave your address in my comments though,just an email address and we'll make arrangements off line . . . Assuming I win :)

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1 Gabbles(comments):

Hey, I wrote about this too, but I never win anything, so I thought I'd enter your contest. :)

Lisa said...
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