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Don't let the dog or kids eat your Poinsettias!

Nov 10, 2006

My wife got the Christmas bug early this year.  It came the day after Halloween.

Personally, I'm a bah humberger until at least the week before Thanksgiving.  I kind of look at it like you have to work real hard to deserve a break at Christmas and kind of finish out the year good.  When I go running I run at a good clip for the majority of the distance and I then use every last bit of energy I have to sprint the final bit to the end.  Same thing for the year and then its a lot easier for me to let loose and have a good time during the holidays.

My dog is like that too.  She sleeps all day at a pretty good clip and when nighttime gets here, she sleeps really really hard.

So my wife is buying lots of Christmas decorations from someone at work that had a Christmas shop go out of business  and I think Uh No its gonna be one of those years!

Anyway more to the point, I meant to talk about a friend of mine that had a grey cat when I was a kid.  The cat got sick, and started chewing on but not eating Poinsettias and those things apparently are kind of poisonous.  The cat didn't actually swallow the flowers, but did get very sick had to go to the vet and all.

Personally, I like plants in the house, even though I can't keep them alive, and I do like the ruby red of Poinsettias around Christmas when I Buy Christmas Flowers, but we've got toddlers and a dog so we have to keep them up high, which means that they get even less water and attention than we give our other dying plants.

Lesson Learned

Don't let the kids or animals eat Poinsettias, keep them up high and don't forget to water them!

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