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Does Harry Need Plastic Surgery?

Nov 7, 2006

I will be the first to admit that I don't think about plastic surgery for breast implants very often.  Don't get me wrong I get reminded of it all the time, but my wife doesn't really need it and so it doesn't come up much. 

I do have a friend that runs a bar in Texas and he tells me that he thinks about it every time he gets a massage in Austin, but he's a single guy and owns a bar at that so I can't say I'm to surprised there.

I have had cosmetic surgery in the past.  I had lasik surgery which technically counts as cosmetic as it removes the need to wear glasses, but that seems borderline to me.  It corrects a defect in my eyes as I see it, and I suppose some people look at plastic surgery in a similar way.  Too much cellulite, correct the defect in your body, not comfortable with your breast size, correct the defect in your body and get comfortable fast.

The truth of the matter is that I do think I may need to consider a hair transplant someday.  My hair has been thinning a bit more in the last few years, and for me, my personal image of myself is being forcibly changed.

I don't necessarily care about it so much, but I do have a preference for having hair on my head.

Now a hair transplant is a lot more expensive than lasik is but maybe by the time I need it more definitely that won't be much of an issue. 

Of course, as is the case for a lot of guys that start to loose hair on top, we start to get more hair everywhere else, so I'm also constantly bouncing around the idea of laser hair removal.  I even did a time cost analysis on the benefits of laser hair removal from my face (if that were possible) and how much money I would save from not having to spend 5 minutes shaving every morning for the rest of my life. 

This was inspired by the concept of all the time I was spending not having to monkey with contact lenses every day.

If I live another 50 years, that's roughly 51 days that I would save at 5 minutes a shot.  What would you do with an extra 51 days added to your life at the rate of 5 minutes a day?  Or for that matter, everyone always talks about the fact that there's not enough time in the day.  What would you do if you personally had a 24 h and 5 minute day. 

  1. Sleep an extra five minutes?
  2. Have a morning fling?  :)
  3. Do a little more work?
  4. Spend time with the family?
  5. meditate, exercise, eat breakfast?

I don't know what I would do, but I like the concept of having the option.

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