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Taking Peter to Dinner for PayPerPost

Nov 9, 2006

PayPerPost has thrown out the challenge to write about who on the staff we would like to take to dinner sometime.  As many of you know PayPerPost helps bloggers get sponsors for their blogs so that they can get paid to blog.

I've had opportunity this last week to get to know Peter a little better and know he's a pretty busy guy.  He seems like he needs a bit of a relaxing dinner so I'd like to take him to Emiril's.  Emeril's is one of those extra special restaurants that is actually an event for the spirit as well for the palette. 

Emeril's takes customer service to a level that comes close to perfection.  Patrons go for the experience and the experience often lasts at least an hour or two.  When you dine at Emeril's you are catered to by a team of people and everything is choreographed and timed perfectly.

Its difficult to say what I'd eat there.  I've eaten at Emeril's about a dozen times or more as I used to work upstairs from the restaurant in Buckhead.  Its difficult because Emeril's is constantly changing their menu, so its rather difficult to actually get the same dish more than a couple times.

Their Duck is superb and their barbecued shrimp on grits is enough to make you drool, which is not something you would want to do in Emeril's but you can be sure that if you do drool that a team of people will be at your elbow with an extra napkin specially design for damping at the corners of your lips to mop up spittle.

Peter's in Orlando and I'm in Atlanta and both cities have an Emeril's so I'm not picky.  I'd try either one.

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