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Zoe Gets out the Vote

Nov 7, 2006

So my daughter dragged me out of the house today to walk up the street and go vote. 


We walked about a mile up the road, it was kind of a wet drizzly day in Georgia, which normally means lots of traffic accidents and poor turn out.

However, according to all the incoming feedback, the turnout is very strong around here and the traffic accidents even stronger.

People may vote here, but they sure can't drive here!

Now we didn't see any Republican led Gay bashing get out the vote campaigns around here, but campaigning was at an all time high.

Later in the afternoon, after I had already voted, I received a friendly automated phone call from a Republican candidate who wanted to make sure they informed me that the Democrats were pulling any number of shenanigans around the state and Atlanta and that it was very important for me to get out and vote. 

Which I had and in his case, I voted against him!

I voted against every incumbent on the ticket, even the non contested races received a write in vote of 'No Incumbent'.  The 9 page ballot on our Diebold systems took a long time to work through finger typing on a scree "No Incumbent' over and over again.

I also voted against all the property tax breaks slated for everyone that was looking for a property tax break.  I pay my property taxes just fine and don't get any breaks and didn't see why anyone else should get a special deal.  If the current rule isn't good then it should be fixed for everyone.  We're supposed to be equal after all right?

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