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Greatest Baby Sitter Ever

Nov 9, 2006

We took my infant daughter in today for an MRI at Children's Hospital of Atlanta.  My father-in-law came last night to watch our other children as we had to be at the hospital at 7am.

He travelled about 3 hours to watch the kids.  Got our son fed and off to school, fed our daughter Zoe.

Then Zoe and Grandpa got to work putting in new carpet on our stairway. 

We got home from the hospital and Mya did just fine.  Grandpa and Zoe were taking a quick work break on the back of Grandpa's Truck.

Not to long after that the stairs had new carpet and they look great. 

(I haven't dug up a before picture yet, but picture twenty year old yellowing fuzzy carpet that's a little loose and a bit stained from too much foot traffic up from the garage. )  Its a huge improvement!

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