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Learning to sell on Ebay

Nov 14, 2006

I've been focusing a lot lately on learning to sell things online in many different mediums.  I've set up a Cafe Press site, an Amazon store, a web hosted store powered with my own shopping cart, stores powered by PayPal, and most recently a Shopster store. 

Next on my to do list is to learn how to leverage my ability to sell products on Ebay.  Rob Frechette has an Ebay ebook which discusses among other things, how he started selling items on Ebay and moved into selling a high volume of items on Ebay.  He's up to 50k in items per month, and even has a full time employee now.

I've worked professionally with Ebay specialist companies in the past.  I've worked with companies that utilize derivatives traders from the CBOT to come in and manage Ebay trading strategies.  I'm no where near that level by a long shot.  I have the accounting back ground to account for the stock options correctly, and I have the financial background to put together a stock options trading strategy too, but I don't have the experience to apply that to Ebay and that is what intrigues me about the topic.  How to fill that void. . .

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