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Squirting Capri Sun down the Drain: Pet Peeve 3,438

Nov 11, 2006

I've been a father for 8 years now, but with three kids you might say that I have been parenting for 14 years.

Over the course of these compounded fourteen years, I've engaged in a practice that is a blight on the environment and something that the Bush Administrations EPA has chosen to completely ignore, and its a good thing.  If I were caught I'd probably be subjected to a massive penalty.

Use see I've been engaged in dumping a toxic waste straight into the local sewer system.  I've dumped umpteen hundred barrells of the stuff over the last fourteen years.

The offending substance is mostly odorless and mostly clear, but tastes very sweet, not that I'd ever taste the stuff, Its Toxic!

It's Capri Sun.  My kids never can seem to manage to finish drinking one of the little buggery packets of Capri Sun.  If you just throw them into the trash, the weight of the trash compacting on the juice sack will squirt juice into your trash, which will always rip when you pick it up and then you'll have the toxic substance on your dress clothes or kitchen floor or even the dog.

so you have to grip the damn thing in your fist, leaving the evil spike of a straw in the container, like a heroin needle you squirt the thing towards the drain of your sink and begin to pollute the water system.

It doesn't make me happy, in fact its a pet peeve, but I have no better solution and just want the damn things to go away. . . .

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