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Shipping Out the Gift Baskets

Nov 12, 2006

When I was getting out of the military, I was working three jobs.  Still technically in the military but on leave, working for H and R Block preparing taxes and working in the shipping area of a candy store that shipped lots of holiday gift baskets.

My wife worked for the same candy store and over the years we routinely send a lot of our Christmas gifts to people outside of our family in the form of Gift Baskets.  These types of gifts are not to expensive and usually provide something that the entire family or office can enjoy.

Not to mention many people recycle the baskets and use them to pack up gifts of their own later on saving wrapping materials and wasting a little less, but probably more importantly giving things a bit of a personal touch.

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This is a nice idea...quite easy and inexpensive too..! Thanx a can also peep into my Holiday Blogfor some cool and innovative ideas...

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