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Moving in the Right Comedy Direction

Nov 14, 2006

I made significant strides today completing the first draft of my Business Plan for my Comedy Collaboration website.  I had previously selected a name and secured the domain a month back.

I've been getting an increasing number of requests and emails and PM's from comedians interested in participating in the project.  I've specifically received some great feedback from one comedian that basically said, "We will come if there's something in it for us!"

I had some great things in there already, but I went back to the business plan and made sure there was something great in there for the comedians, and boy is there.  Next up, I need to tighten up some of the numbers in the models and start scoping out the site design requirements.  Most of scope is covered in the Business Plan, and since I map everything in MindManager(I'm a trainer too) it will all translate nicely into the actual specifications document.

Before I get to the specification document, I need to do just a little bit more technical investigation into some new coding requirements that have come up.  The algorithm has become slightly more complex as I worked to make sure the pay off to the other comedians was up front and hard hitting.  Adjusting the algorithm is easy, getting it coded into the overall site is going to take some hard work, but there are many models of this system at there already in different applications.

Very eager to keep this ball rolling!


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