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One more Heroes Episode to go - Greatest American Hero

Nov 29, 2006

I have really gotten sucked into the Heroes series.  Its a very good show, but its extremely short on content.

I sincerely wish the show had been made for cable, SciFi or HBO or something.  Its a great story line, plot and entangled web, but I swear the show is only about 20 minutes long, surrounded by 40 minutes of commercials.  I don't miss a show, but I always watch it on TiVo as there's just to much static in between.

I don't TiVo my way through all shows, but a few like this one are definitely more ad than content.

Greatest American Hero

I must be going through a Hero phase as I've been watching Smallville all summer, now Heroes and I've also been catching up on an old show from the 80's that I liked as a kid.  Called the Greatest American Hero.

The show ran for just a few seasons and featured a high school teacher and an FBI agent that came together in the desert at just the moment when aliens were landing to give them a super hero suit.

The bumbling pair lost the instructions to the super suit however and the plot line of all the episodes progress as they continue to attempt to try and save the day, while learning how to make the suit, fly, stop bullets, turn invisible and give the wearer telekinetic powers.

Its a great show with just a tinge of cold war era plot lines on occasion.  One of the season two episodes I caught gave some real clarity into why the aliens never returned to provide the instructions.

It would seem that a different dynamic duo had received a similar suit 40 years earlier and had the instructions and were ultimately corrupted by all the power.  So it would appear the aliens actually wanted the instructions to get lost so that this pair would have to learn the lessons of super suit power the hard way.

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