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Double Down and Deal!

Nov 11, 2006

I offered up a freebie earlier this evening and now I wanted to push out another good deal tip in case I don't make it online tomorrow because I think I might be involved in some home improvement projects working on tile in the bathroom.

With that in mind I wanted to throw out a this Home Depot Coupon Site from CouponChief.

CouponChief provides coupon codes in one location for lots of great stores online and offline.

Knowing where the coupon codes are is always a good thing, so book mark this page so that you can find it when you need it so that you don't get lost in the search engine jungle some night right before you checkout when they ask, do you have a coupon code, like well you could save money if you have one, but pay top dollar if you don't.

When that situation hits, just pop over here to harry's place and find the link to CouponChief.  :)

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