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Razor Rebels and forces man to Carve Gotee

Nov 8, 2006

Last week I was deep into programming and creative work.  Putting in my normal 100 hour work week, but saving a little time by not shaving.

This usually drives me nuts as my skin gets irritated a bit.  Well, finally it gets annoying enough that I can't stand to sleep on my own face at night, so I wake up this morning and start shaving.

My razor has is getting a bit long in the beard, and is due to be replaced.  Its a good razor just a couple years old and the battery is not what it used to be.  To get a new razor means a trip to Wally world and that's only one step away from the deepest level of hell, otherwise known as Chuck-E-Cheese's restaraunt.

So I start shaving this morning but I need a plan.  My razor won't cut through a full beard in one wack.  So I carve out a gotee.

Its a temporary thing until I can get the razor charged back up by tomorrow, but something that I go through about twice a year when I start feeling lazy about shaving.

Maybe with a little luck I can hold out on a visit to the second level of hell too!

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